HCS SDD-Planning and designing, Software solution, has designed as a totally self-sufficient for students who take this course. This course develops your current knowledge in SDD and shifts your problem-solving skill.

This self-paced designed course provide all you need and for better understanding, some online articles and videos have been provided, so you can go through the material and learn them.

During this course, you will learn how to propose a solution for a problem within the algorithm, how logical design an algorithm to address a requirement or issue. There are some activities that you need attempt them and submit your activity, these activities are part of the final mark beside of the final assignment, so the student needs to submit the activity requirements.

Scope and sequence

This course will be conducted during term two.


Unite Outcome


Marking Criteria

This unit will be marked based on 100. There are three requirements as follow:

A – Attempt to weekly activity and email the activity’s requirements of the unit instructor 5%

B- Multi options questions 15%

C- Final assessment 80%