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Welcome to the Physics Bridging project.

This course is designed to reinforce key GCSE topics, introduce new AS topics and develop the skills that will be integral to your success at AS physics.

Being hosted on P2PUniversity means that you will be part of an online community of students working on this course.

Through a combination of presentations, quizzes and activities you will progress through the course, earning badges on the way. You will also be required to provide evidence that you have completed some tasks that you will publish to your own blog and this site.

Please select every sport that you play.





If you complete all the tasks, and save the relevant proof of tasks, then you will be able to download a certificate to give to your AS physics teacher to sign stating that you have put in the work necessary to complete this project.

In addition, we also ask that you join the physics bridging project edmodo (a facebook style social networking site for education) which will allow you to have further interaction and to ask for and provide help to your peers.

So, click on to the first course page, do the tasks and get set for AS physics!