Week 1 & 2 Recommended Readings

Every week we'll suggest readings to help with that week's tasks. We understand that you may be pressed for time - the readings are only there to help and guide you. Read as little or as much as you like/can/need in order to answer the tasks as well as learn the material. The readings should substantially decrease the time that you have to spend on the tasks. We suggest checking out the recommended links to the smartcopying site and the powerpoint presentations first.

Smartcopying website

This website is a practical resource on copyright for Australian educators. It's a great site to use as a resource any time you have copyright questions, and it will be very useful throughout these case scenarios: www.smartcopying.edu.au

A good starting place would be:

Schools - https://www.smartcopying.edu.au/information-sheets/schools/copyright-in-the-digital-teaching-environment-a-manual-for-schools

TAFEs - http://www.smartcopying.edu.au/information-sheets/tafe/copyright-in-the-digital-teaching-environment-a-manual-for-tafe

Copyright Act 1968 Australia



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