About Open Seminary- BTh

It is the goal of Zwingli College to create a Free Seminary Level Education via Open Learning Models. By making use of freely available Open Education materials, a personalized learning plan can be developed. Depending on the material covered in the individual learning plan, a learner may cover very specific topics while completing the required coursework for a Bachelor of Theology.

Zwingli College is named after Ulrich Zwingli, a leader of the Swiss Reformation, Theologian, and Pastor. Zwingli taught that the Bible was the authoritative source of Christian education, but he also relied on his secular humanist education, referencing secular philosophers and extra-biblical religious sources in debates.

Since Zwingli College provides religious education, it is exempt from government regulations or accreditation. While it does not seek accreditation from any source (government, private, or religious), Zwingli College has been recognized as a training program for Ekklesia, A Confessing Church, and Red Letter Community Church.

The Bachelor of Theology meets the educational requirements of many traditions. The Bachelor of Theology, or BTh, usually is a Three Year/ 90 Semester Credit Hour Program at many institutions.


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