posted message: Dear ENG 099 Students: The ENG 099 lecture on greetings will be tomorrow night (Tuesday, March 4th) at 7:00pm USA CT (UTC -6) Click this link to see it in your time zone The homework is: * Atom 1: International English Greeting * Atom 2: Friendly American English Greeting * Atom 3: Language Talk 1 of 10 * Atom 4: Christmas Short Story 1 of 10 (Optional) An example of how to do the homework was done by Lilia:
posted message: Orientation 2 recording now online! and homework for next Tuesday: Complete the following atoms in your blog or via another student tool (i.e. here on P2PU) (optional) Course Google Calendar
posted message: Dear ENG 099 Students: Online Orientation 2 will be starting shortly! You should have received an e-mail from me inviting you. You can also watch the lecture live here The online notes for tonight will be here
posted message: Dear ENG 099 Students: Tonight was the first orientation lecture. You can read about it and watch the video here Please note the schedule has changed (more information in the syllabus), new course dates and times: Do you have any questions?
posted message: Lecture 1 is starting now! You should have received an e-mail from me inviting you. You can also watch the lecture live here Tonight we will be going over the syllabus and the online tools you will need for this class. You can read the syllabus here
posted message: Dear ENG 099 Students! Tonight is the first lecture! We will use Google Hangout and I will e-mail everyone the URL around 6:15 PM USA CT tonight! Have you registered? Please register here
posted message: For the next course in February there will be 10 lessons. What English topics do you want to learn about?
posted message: I want to schedule a Skype or Google+ meeting for all of us! Who is interested? What days and times are you usually free?
posted message: Lecture 6 will be starting in minutes at please join!
posted message: Lecture 2 starts in 1 hour and 45 minutes, RSVP here
posted message: WikiEducator has a project on Teacher Collaboration do you think we should reach out to them? And use their resources?
posted message: Next meeting November 22nd at 7 PM USA Central Time! Reply to this post with suggestions for the agenda!!
posted message: Some of my lesson plans can be found here:
posted message: Video on Collaborative Lesson Planning from Sarasota:
posted message:
posted message: Video of my Collaborative Lesson Planning talk: what do you think?
posted message: Ciao Everyone: I want to start having weekly meetings for this study group. How would Tuesday night around 6 PM USA Central Time work for people? Please tell the group if that works, and if it doesn't what's a time that could work for you?
posted message: At the Open Education 2011 conference ( getting lots of inspirational ideas for Collaborative Lesson Planning, or CLP, and open ed in general! Putting together my talk on CLP on Thursday ( it will focus on a case study of the past year in CLP. Anyone have helpful ideas?
posted message: Inspried by Wikipedia User ( and his wikimania submission ( plus a desire to connect more the online teaching community I started editing the Wikipedia "lesson plan" entry ( from ( to ( Considering right now if you google "Lesson Plan" the Wikipedia comes up first, the resource should be improved. Need to be careful 'cause the entry is not a "how to" its an encyclopedia entry about the subject.
posted message: Next week we will have our first Study Group Meeting. To sign-up please go to this link (, adjust your time zone, click what times are good for you, then send your response with the lower right button! Please put anything you want to talk about on the CLP pad