posted message: Next meeting November 22nd at 7 PM USA Central Time! Reply to this post with suggestions for the agenda!!
posted message: Some of my lesson plans can be found here:
posted message: Video on Collaborative Lesson Planning from Sarasota:
posted message:
posted message: Video of my Collaborative Lesson Planning talk: what do you think?
posted message: Ciao Everyone: I want to start having weekly meetings for this study group. How would Tuesday night around 6 PM USA Central Time work for people? Please tell the group if that works, and if it doesn't what's a time that could work for you?
posted message: At the Open Education 2011 conference ( getting lots of inspirational ideas for Collaborative Lesson Planning, or CLP, and open ed in general! Putting together my talk on CLP on Thursday ( it will focus on a case study of the past year in CLP. Anyone have helpful ideas?
posted message: Inspried by Wikipedia User ( and his wikimania submission ( plus a desire to connect more the online teaching community I started editing the Wikipedia "lesson plan" entry ( from ( to ( Considering right now if you google "Lesson Plan" the Wikipedia comes up first, the resource should be improved. Need to be careful 'cause the entry is not a "how to" its an encyclopedia entry about the subject.