posted message: In other news, it has come to my attention that I as "facilitator" of this study group, I should make my role in the group as clear as possible. I see myself as organizer of our group more than teacher. I have organized the course in what I hope is a logical way and will let the materials speak for themselves. In this forum, we can then mull over what we've read and watched and ask each other questions, make observations, etc. I see this as a chance for each of us to learn from one another; I do not see myself as leading the group once we begin the course. I encourage you all to be as active as you're comfortable being. Please consider what you would like your role to be as a peer in this group and let the rest of us know.
posted message: Thank you to those of you who have introduced yourself to the group! For those of you who haven't yet, please take a second and introduce yourself (if you want to). We're leaving signup open for a little while longer, so stay tuned for our official start date. Once we begin, we will work through each of the tasks at our own pace. We will complete each week together, but feel free to move at your own pace within each week. (If you want to do everything in one night, you can do that, though I wouldn't advise it!) We will use this space to reflect upon the materials we cover. I hope that you all will pose questions and thoughts for discussion to the group. We will also set up a weekly chat session for more focused discussion.
posted message: Hi All, I'm the facilitator for this study group and am very much looking forward to discussing the materials we cover with you all. We'll be taking advantage of some very exciting materials available in a course provided by The Saylor Foundation. (Check out their website at Once you're registered as a participant, please tell the group a little bit about yourself here. About me: I'm a PhD candidate with a focus on "Early Modern Art of the Mediterranean" (i.e. Renaissance and Baroque Art). And I unabashedly love studying this stuff! Please note that registration will be open for a little bit longer to get a substantial group of people participating. Looking forward to working with you all! Liz Lebrun