posted message: Just a tip about how to update your profile. To save what you've written, click on the empty space just to the right of the Cancel button. A new button called "Save" will appear, and yep, all you need to do is click on it. I discovered this after more drafts of my profile than I'd care to remember :)
posted message: Good morning everyone, and welcome to Queer Pedagogy: Queering Our Teaching, Queering our Learning. Thanks go out to pedagogue for the opportunity to co-facilitate this course, and for starters I'd like to encourage everyone to share any resources that you think would add to our readings. The only proviso is that they be freely published online. Otherwise, I don't know if all windows have one of these cute little counters like the one here that counts backwards from 750 as it tracks characters and spaces. Whatever the case, I'd like to suggest that we keep our posts at around 600 words for starters to get the conversation rolling. Take care.