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A Quick Recap [Oct. 23, 2011, 4:37 p.m.]

Writing HTML by Hand

In this challenge you started writing the most basic html document by hand and eventually you progressed to writing from memory. This is an invaluable skill because almost everything you do as a webmaker will involve a document structure like this.
Text Editor
You choose a text editor and created your first HTML document and viewed it in a browser. As a webmaker, this workflow is how you'll spend most of your time.
HTML Is All Around You
You hunted out html like structures in the world around you and you began to form your own opinions and ideas about HTML structures. This is the starting of you being able to think in HTML. As your webmaking skills get stronger so will aptitude at deciding which markup structure is fitting for any given piece of content.
Domain Name
You can't have an online portfolio without a domain name. This challenge engaged you in thinking and researching the right domain name for your portfolio. Eventually you committed to purchasing it and in doing so you staked your claim on a piece of the web.
Your Webspace
In the previous challenge you arranged your web host and set up your domain name to point at your webspace. Everything you do as a webmaker will involve webspace and now you have a fully functioning piece of the web that is entirely under your control - total freedom.