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The community

Introduce yourself. What interests you about this course?

Through this course I want to get to know people with a similar vision.

About Me

I’m fascinated with how the human body works. How to achieve peak performance. The more I learn the more it feels within my grasp. I’m passionate about sharing both the knowledge and the passion for obtaining and applying this knowledge.

My degree is Physical education, sports science and recreation management. A long title and we covered a lot of areas. I like juggling lots of tasks at the same time. That’s how I get my edge. I’m no expert in anything except that I am great at seeing patterns between supposedly separate disciplines. So I deliver solutions that are different to the norm.

I can see the parallels between a city and a cell. Think I’m crazy. Check out the inner life of the cell. Did you have any idea just how much was going on inside each and every cell of your body. Everyone should know this stuff. We all know so much about our possessions, cars, smartphones, houses but they are with us all day and all our lives. Our bodies are with us all day every day. They are literally our past, present and future. Yet we generally know next to nothing about how they work.

I want that to change. I want to reverse that trend and quickly. So I need to be innovative and use the opportunities that exist today. That's what this phase of my life is about.

I’ve collected a ton of notes, skills and other resources on this fabulous journey. I’ve spent the 12 years since university working in IT. First on a helpdesk. Then as a web developer. Making web sites for all sorts of clients. So I’ve learnt a lot about achieving crazy results on a tight budget and short timescales.

My motivation was always to prepare myself for this step. Using this knowledge and experience to start doing the thing I love. Explore the human body. I can’t wait to create some virtual cell building blocks and a game to put them into.

So what about you? Who are you. What inspires you. puts you off. What skills do you bring or want to learn. Do you have anything you bring to the group or want to gain from it?

Task Discussion