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Full Description

This course encourages students to consider the Context in which they're open and the boundaries/degree to which they're open.

As individuals, what are we open about an what are we not open about?

These are fundamental questions for people who live in a non-closed society.

There are three core elements:

  1.     Awareness of existing
  2.     Considering
  3.     Forming

(Better more dynamic titles required)

1. Awareness of Existing

Who and how do they access your information?

ie. facebook, govt, media
Interesting/Contrivertial Example. ie Chat Roulette....

TO DISCUSS: Who Curates This?

2. Considering

Students need to give a conscious consideration to

  • Privacy
  • Safety
  • Money
  • Health
  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Motivation
  • Aspiration
  • Culture/Religion
  • Reputation
  • Opinions

plus more...

TO DISCUSS: tools, questions and methods. Who curates this?

3. Forming

Peers form considered views and opinions on "what's open"

Finally, a mass come-together to discuss these views and opinions with fellow peers.

Task Discussion