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Case Study 3 Readings

Key words: teacher’s use of copyright materials, exceptions, licence, blanket licence, compulsory licences, contract, Digital Rights Management (DRM)and Technological Protection Measures (TPM), anti-circumvention of DRM/TPM Overview: This week you will learn more about exceptions to copyright, focusing particular on exceptions and blanket licences that allow material to be used by educators. Some of the most extensive exemptions to copyright under the Australian system apply to teachers, allowing use of material for education purposes and in classroom environments. There are also statutory licences that allow mass photocopying and other reproduction of copyright material for education purposes, subject to payment by the institution. However, these exceptions are not absolute. They too have their limits, and it is important as teachers that you know both the freedoms and boundaries that apply to you. Readings and Resources * Chapters 6 Copyright Licences, Chapter 7 Copyright Collecting Societies and Chapter 9 Digital Rights Management , Introducing Copyright: A plain language guide to copyright in the 21st Century by Julien Hofman Selected links to Smartcopying Website * Flexible Dealing * Performances, Displays and Communication in the classroom * Parody and Satire * Using Wikis and Blogs * Blanket Licences for Education: Statutory and Voluntary Licences * Technology Protection Measures and Anti Circumvention Provisions * Format Shifting * Liability of Schools For more information: * Educational Use and the Internet – Does Australian Copyright Law Work in the Web Environment?

Task Discussion