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    posted message: The guy's website (I think his name is Adam) I pointed you to is pretty good imo once you get past his locker room humor. I flew through his tutorials and am now confident in building a social network. Sure I may not know all the bells and whistles yet like groups and news feeds and what not, but I do know how to create a basic social network with profiles, a twitter like feed, private messaging, photo albums, forums, member search, google map integration and a whole bunch of other stuff thanks to that dude. I really do hope Kalob comes back and finish what he started. I hate leaving stuff half finished, although with what I learned, I could probably finish a good portion of this tutorial on my own. I just want different perspectives.
    posted message: Thanks for posting that Jbplaya, it certainly looks interesting and I'll take a look into it. As for this, I'm not really sure what's happened. I assume Kalob has just run into some personal issues and hasn't had time to see to this. I would guess that he'll return (eventually), but perhaps it's a good idea to venture off onto other projects in the meantime as it'll help gain experience in programming in general, and will make this easier should it ever continue.
    posted message: Since it looks like this project is all but abandoned, I've been learning how to put together a social network at this guy's site: http://www.developphp.com/list_php_video.php Imo, the tutorials are pretty good as he goes pretty in depth about explaining the concepts used to create applications in php. He doesn't just show you how to do a social network, but also php image manipulation, E-Commerce, constructing a CMS, and a crap load of tutorials on Flash and Javascript. It's not a facebook clone, but with it, you can probably construct your own when all is said and done. He's also pretty funny too.
    posted message: Is this thing still going on?
    posted message: Just to keep everyone informed, I am working on the next class. It's about 70% done. There's a couple tweaks I need to make for everything to work exactly like Facebook - and they are being quite stubborn. But what is coding without stubborn code?
    posted message: INPUT WANTED: If anyone has any suggestions that you think would make these classes easier, or better, or more interesting - comment it or message it to me! I'm willing to make some changes for 360+ people :)
    posted message: For those who are interested, we now have a Google+ page, Facebook Page, and a Twitter account. The links are on the left of the page. +1 us, Like us, and Follow us! https://plus.google.com/108475221894708047093?prsrc=3 http://www.facebook.com/pages/Create-your-own/297687020250117 http://twitter.com/Create_your_0wn
    posted message: Hey, just curious, is this still in full swing? It's been some time and I was wondering if everything's okay. Apologies if it sounds like I'm nagging.
    posted message: Hey everybody! There's a new class up and ready to go! Sorry it took me so long to get this one up! I had some issues with the CSS, and you'll notice some of it is glitchy. I'm not too worries about the styling of the site, as long as it looks close to Facebook. Again, my apologies for the late class! Enjoy!
    posted message: When's the next update? How many updates do you plan on doing in total?
    posted message: Hello? Is anyone still here???
    posted message: Any new tasks ?
    posted message: Step 8. Validation & Registration is up! Any problems, definitely ask!
    posted message: Step 6, the Signup Page - We need to change the input email ID to "email_reg", from "email". I overlooked the login form which already uses the ID "email".
    posted message: Step 6, The Signup Page has a major change in it. In the registration form, I added the "id" parameter to each field. I forgot to add that in there - it's important that we have those. We added id='firstname', id='lastname', id='email', id='email_confirm', id='password', id='sex', id='birthday_month', id='birthday_day', id='birthday_year'.
    posted message: Because of a few session problems, I changed "load.inc.php". Remove the line "session_start()" and replace it with if(!isset($_SESSION)) { session_start(); } This means, if a session hasn't already started it will start one, and if it is started it will skip this step. Hopefully that fixes some problems for some of you.
    posted message: If anyone is looking for cheap webhosting/domain then they can also check out: http://www.asmallorange.com/ Their least expensive shared hosting is $25 per year. I think it costs $10 per year for a domain name from them. I have heard reviews of them on Reddit and have only heard great things.
    posted message: For people using Notepad++ who may not be terribly familiar with it, I stumbled across this earlier while reading Lifehacker: http://lifehacker.com/5686272/how-to-get-more-plus-out-of-notepad%252B%252B
    posted message: Do you think xampp on localhost should be good enough for learning purposes, or should we actually get a hosted server?
    posted message: Hi, I'm sorry to be a pain in the ass and all, but I'm curious as to what features are going to be implemented / taught within this. I'm aware of the list at the side; but I'd like a more definitive list, if that's possible? I'm wondering if this will have real time notifications, updates, chat, and such, as I see no mention of those at the side. Of course, if those are outside of the scope of this, then that's absolutely fine and I am still extremely interested in it; I'm just curious as to what exactly we're going to have as the end result. :) A massive thank you for taking your time to do this.