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Review the methodology. There is method in the madness.

These courses have been designed to help you rapidly diagnose your areas of weakness and seek support in those areas. And we've designed these resources particularly for those of us who haven't just finished coursework and are straining to remember the details. Here's the design:

  1. Introductory diagnostic questions
    1. If you get these right ( or realize you would have except for a small mental lapse), you can decide to move on to the next topic or lesson. Lessons correspond to CSET modules, like Linear Algebra. Topics are building blocks within those lessons.
    2. If you get them wrong, don't sweat. Continue on to:
  2. Guided example (s). These are step-by-step examples designed to jog your memory and help you solve similar problems.
  3. Another diagnostic question or questions.
    1. If you get these right, and you feel like you just needed to see an example and try your hand once or twice, move on to the next topic or lesson.
    2. If you get it wrong, don't worry. Go to the next step in this outline.
  4. Read and review the "refresher" content. This content is usually 4 or 5 screens explaining the material. Again, it is designed to bring back something you once learned.
  5. Try the final diagnostic questions.
    1. If you're still getting sample questions wrong in this area, you need to ask for help from the rest of the group. 

Task Discussion