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Full Description


Building startups is easier for deveoplers as compared to others becuase you don't have to hire developers, but building a successfull startup? Well startups fail all the time no matter how much money you have or how good team you have but it's still a win for you, you at least followed your heart, the one thing that you can't do at most of the day time jobs.

In this course hopefully we will cover following topics.

- Inspiration: Some unheard stories of entrepreneurs 
- Finding Soulmates: Making a dream team
- Ideation: Subracting ideas, throwing ideas, crossing ideas etc
- Business Models: Innovating ways of taking your money out of that lady's bag in the shopping center 
- Prototyping: Make prototype of your idea within 6 weeks
- Get Going: If you believe in it then get going.

*Making money is secondary*

In this course we will talk about lot of startups, make teams, come up with ideas and at the end make prototypes of ideas. 

Learning Objectives

This course is full of inspirations. Everyone wants to make own startup and I know it's in there somewhere in your heart but you don't know where to start. In this course you will learn how to make your first startup and who knows where you end up in future. 


Any of following skill:

- You're a web/mobile Developer
- You're a designer
- You think you can program or contributue in anyother way? Better bring a programmer friend
- You read TechCrunch every day

*We plan to launch prototypes at the end of 6 weeks* 

Task Discussion