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befriend Webfinger

Please watch this short video to get an overview of Webfinger


If you have an account or a Google account you already have an email [like] address that you can webfinger.


  • create an account with a service that provides Webfinger metadata
  • look up your meta data at
  • explore the information that was discovered


When you do a webfinger discovery on an email [like] address at the process begins by asking for the URL which will given the caller back an LRDD document with some  XML like the following


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<XRD xmlns="">

<hm:Host xmlns:hm=""></hm:Host>

  <Link rel="lrdd" template="{uri}">

    <Title>Resource Descriptor</Title>




Using your webfinger provider:

  • from your browser download the host-meta file and examine the contents of the file. Locate the template tag  . If you know your way around a terminal you could also ..  curl
  • now look up the template URI switching {uri}  for i.e here we would look up, again examine the contents of this file, what information is stored here about you?
  • You will probably see your OpenID provider listed here explore how Webfinger can enhance the capabilties of OpenID 


For some more background you can read the following:

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