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Reading Response - Notice and Investigate

Analyze the text and draw conclusions about what it means.

Read for at least  2 more hours. Your goal is to finish your book or article(s) before the 4 Tasks of this Challenge are completed.

You can do this in one sitting or you can do it 4 times for thirty minutes each time or 6 times for twenty minutes each. But it has to be focused, uninterrupted reading. No multi-tasking during your reading time.

After you've read your book or your article for at least more more 2 hours, open a NEW Google Document and plan to write for about 30 minutes.

Begin by freewriting about your text. Write non-stop for 5 or ten minutes about anything that comes into your head about your book or article.

Then turn to the Literature Response Guides or to this guide, "General Response to a Non-Fiction Article. Describe how something is an example of a basic pattern that you've learned about in other books or articles or other media. Or describe something about a character, the plot, the theme, or some other element of your text.

Share your Doc with a teacher and a couple of peers, and ask them to make a couple of comments. Do not publish it on Youth Voices yet. Also make your document public.

In the Post Comment button here (on P2PU) add a link to your Google Document. You can find the link to your Google Document under the Share button. Do this before you click Yes, I'm done .

We encourage students to break out of the overly structured guides and create your own kinds of response. However, we do ask you to keep in mind the following guidelines:

  1. Begin by doing a freewrite: your first thoughts about this section of the book or article. You'll need to revise this writing before you publish it on Youth Voices.
  2. Be specific about your response to your reading, and give an example from the text. Quote from the text.
  3. Quote a second section from the text when you make connections, ask questions, track elements of the text, or compare it to other things.
  4. End by predicting what you think might happen next, and say how you feel about continuing your reading.

Task Discussion

  • karina said:

    on Jan. 2, 2013, 12:04 p.m.
  • Anthonyf said:

    Reading more to the book we find out the train has stop and not moving. Crazytop has to go urinate somewhere and Jose does not know where to go. He then asks the conductor if he could pee quickly outside the train but responses no. Not knowing what to do next Jose just tells crazytop to pee behind him.Lately I been thinking about how everybody and their stories were affected during the blackout. Unfortunately the blackout for us was in summer season and we had to suffer in the heat. It also made me realize that when times are bad, who’s really there for you? Certainly not all the money in the world, Not your video games. Your family, Thats who there its just symbolized how your family , your people is important more than anything in the world. Its where you go to get advice , to get love , to get support.

    So far the plot of El Apagon/The Night We Became People Again by Jose Luis Gonzalez Crazytop just finish peeing and are waiting for instructions for the train to move along. Yet instead they have to get off the train and walk to the next nearby train station which I believe was 96th. It was not far from where he lived but it still was a distance. So They start walking upward racing forward as fast as they can.Until they reach his apartment assuming the light were off he sees candle light. Jose also sees women from the building around talking, gossiping he refers to tongue wagging which I thought was very funny. His baby gets born and the wife jokes saying she going to name him after his father so that jose wont forget his son name. This part of the book is what I realize that brings a strong meaning of life and love for your country your people your family. Jose notices there is a party on the roof , Beautiful music playing and Crazytop also realized it too. They go to the roof and jose ask what was the celebration for. Still not knowing the answer don luna (she’s a widow) says “ look up, what do you see”. Jose relies “Just the Moon.....and the stars!”. He realized what it was all about,it was a night just like puerto rico where the stars would come out at the night and realized that it was never really stars out from all the electricity light bulbs of the city.Jose realized he forgot about his people , his background , his pride, his country.The reason why he say “this was the night we became people again”.

    After this part of the book, most readers probably will be look forward to thinking about how they felt and reflect on themselves to see if they forgot anything about where their roots were and their family. Especially of how family could always be the answer to any problem that you have honestly ask yourself any question and your family could be a answer to all of them. I will want to know about this author life and figure out where he is now. This was really a interesting playwright.

    A quote that I found really interesting to my eyes from this playwright was on page 8 “And that is, according to my poor way or understanding things that was the night we became people again”. The reason why I Chose this quote was because of how throughout that whole insane day he still forgot to realized that he was lack poor understanding skills, I mean even crazytop had an idea of why they were celebrating on that roof. In realness though jose made a powerful meaning with the quote of “we became people again” because it makes you realize of how we people are before we were really people. It’s hard to explain but I feel that maybe when we have our average working or going to school schedule we don't realize where we came from and of how our people struggle for whatever reason, Of how disconnected we can be from our mothers and fathers and how powerful the word love is.

    on Dec. 6, 2012, 12:09 p.m.
  • ZoeC said:

    on Nov. 6, 2012, 1:31 a.m.