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References for the study group

Course References

Basic reference textbook

We are planning to use Jenni Tennison's "Beginning XSLT 2.0, From Novice to Professional" as a reference for the study group. 

  • 1.0 / 2.0 Note: For those of you that know 1.0 and want to learn 2.0 features, the book does NOT distinguish them in the text,  but read the Introduction - 'How this book is structured'. Those brief chapter introductions specifically note what will be new for 1.0 folks to learn. Also, the reference at the back of the book - Appendix B: XSLT Quick Reference - says "From 1.0" or "From 2.0" at the bottom of each entry.

You will be able to find out everything you need without the book using resources listed below. But the book provides a guide for the order in which we will cover material and a handy narrative from a well-respected practitioner.

Other recommended references 

As we create learning tasks and challenges, look through some of these references and point others to things that are relevant and useful. 

Other books

Free Web Resources

  • -- This has an online XSLT editor that shows results! Could be a handy place to find exercises or ideas for exercises. Might be a handy tool to add to the tools page.
  • David Pawson's XSLT FAQ 1.0 Version : This FAQ has a list of links about different XSL operations and topics. And here is one that is specifically 2.0 2.0 Version
  • ZVONXSLTutorial/Books/Book1 That tutorial is basically 71 little samples/examples showing uses of XSLT 1.0's more important features one at a time. ZVON has handy links covering all the (1.0) elements, functions, axes, and operators: XSLTreference/Output/
  • Norm Walsh's XPath 2.0 & XSLT 2.0 slides -slides.pdf
  • XSLT 2.0 Programmer's Reference - sample chapter
  • Printable quick reference (2 pages) - quickref/xslt2.pdf

Some references that need further investigation

These need some investigation so that we know whether they are 1.0 or 2.0

Task Discussion