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MS Tech - Frontpage 2003 & Visual Web Developer 2010 Express

Microsoft Frontpage 2003


Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2010 Express

Everything you need to start building standards-friendly web applications with the free version of Visual Studio using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. Visual Web Developer 2010 Express is a full-featured web development editor for working with web standards, JavaScript and ASP.NET.  You will get the latest components of the Microsoft Web Platform including frameworks, web server and database.

Easily create standards-based web sites and expand your audience by making your web sites accessible from a range of browsers and devices. Easily work with XHTML and CSS through Visual Studio’s extensive palette of tools for quickly accessing XHTML and CSS properties. Create clean HTML markup and CSS layouts using ASP.NET 4 to be standards compliant. Use the built-in tools to ensure your web site is XHTML or WCAG compliant.

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