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Full Description

A Self-Guided Path in Working Class Issues - Combined undergraduate/graduate level

My goal is to learn about working class issues and decide if I want to work as a professional, become a part time volunteer activist, write/blog about working class issues, or some combination of the three.

I've spent 20 years as a secretary for the State of New York.  I achieved my job security, benefits, and pay as a result of a civil service test, a strong union, and excellence in my field.  I do not have a college degree.  This has held me back in my current position from breaking into the "professional" ranks, and I want to explore how activism in working class issues could achive its implicit goal of providing opportunities and raising the standard of living for working class people.


Using Alison Jean Cole's Learning Path as a general guideline, I seek to craft a course of study that combines open online coursework, seeking mentors, an apprenticeship in labor activities, blogging, and a culminating project.


I hope to recruit a local professor to help explore the topic further and recommend other mentors or opportunities.

Next Steps

  • Read Edupunk
  • Successfully complete the "Getting Started with Online Learning" module
  • Explore open coursework online
  • Approach my potential mentor

Task Discussion