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  • Exponent Definition

    Exponent Definition

    The Exponent is the little number situated in the upper, right-hand position of an exponential expression (base example), which shows the ability to which the base of the expression is raised.

  • Property Tax Course

    Property Tax Course

    This course aims to educate landlords about how tax rules work and offers practical and professional advice on how to save tax when renting out property

  • Diviértete con la GENÉTICA

    Diviértete con la GENÉTICA

    Aquí aprenderemos el maravilloso mundo de la GENÉTICA

  • Basic Arguments

    Basic Arguments

    This is a brief course on the basic argument as a portion of the Central Michigan EDU643 course, as a model for High school instruction in Baltimore City Schools.

  • How to make educational video tutorial OR teach online?

    How to make educational video tutorial OR teach online?

    How to make educational video tutorial OR teach online?

  • Get Photos to Art

    Get Photos to Art

    Are you looking for an artist who can turn your photos to art? Do you want a gift art for your special one or family? Don't worry, come to myDaVinci where you will find top professional artists who create custom artwork for you. MyDaVinci is one of the finest online retailing businesses that are specialized in creating personalized artwork and custom cartoon art for you.




  • Detoxifying


    Detoxification is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including, but not limited to, the human body, which is mainly carried out by the liver.

  • How to change your furnace filter ? Learn

    How to change your furnace filter ? Learn

    Furnace filters must be changed on regular basis for healthy air quality. If the air in your house doesn’t seem up to snuff, there is a need of changing furnace filter. By changing furnace filter once in a three month you can breathe easier and save wear and tear on your furnace. To get the job done, you have to follow the simple tips given by the experts.

  • El postestructuralismo frente a los clásicos

    El postestructuralismo frente a los clásicos

    ¿Cómo la filosofía postestructuralista francesa y alemana aún realiza lecturas e interpretaciones sobre los clásicos? Si quieres conocer sobre ello, entra a este curso.

  • Super Agent  Kim - The Relevance of a Property Agent When You Consider Super Agent Kim In woodbridge

    Super Agent Kim - The Relevance of a Property Agent When You Consider Super Agent Kim In woodbridge

    With great experience as a Woodbridge Realtor and as a Realtor servicing all areas in Prince William County, VA such as Fairfax, Manassas, Stafford, Fredericksburg, and Alexandria, We help both buyers and sellers meet their real estate objectives.

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing

    Introduction to Nursing I, is the initial course for the student entering the profession of nursing and begins with an introduction to the health care system and nursing as a profession. Component parts of the nursing process are described and utilized in implementation of nursing technologies designed to promote optimum self care. The student learns to apply knowledge from behavioral and biological sciences in formulating a scientific rational foundation for one's nursing practice. Concepts related to selfcare theory, communication, health teaching, community and ethical/legal aspects are introduced.

  • World Wide Views Training

    World Wide Views Training

    In this course you will learn the basics in order to organize June 6th in your country

  • Aligning yourself with life

    Aligning yourself with life

    Align yourself with life by realizing the bigger picture you are made of and learning about yourself by learning about life.

  • Managementul proiectelor

    Managementul proiectelor

    Cursul oferă suport bursierilor în managementul proiectelor, cuprinzând și alte aspecte legate de mediul înconjurător, precum: prevenirea poluării, dezvoltarea durabilă în elaborarea instrumentelor, metodologiilor, produselor, proceselor și tehnologiilor. Cursul este adaptat pentru actualul context, în care România a devenit stat mebru al UE, fiind la debutul alocării fondurilor europene din exerciţiul financiar 2014 – 2020. Prezentele note de curs îşi propun să vină în sprijinul studenţilor cu o perspectivă pragmatică şi concordantă cu actualele cerinţe ale instrumentelor de finanţare alocate pentru ţara noastră, astfel încât, cei care doresc să participe la accesarea acestor fonduri să deţină noţiunile de bază, precum şi unele deprinderi specifice pentru a parcurge etapele formale şi a înţelege şi mecanismele informale, aşa numitele „reguli nescrise”, ale obţinerii unor contracte finanţate din fonduri europene. Totodată, suportul de curs îşi propune să accentueze şi aspecte ale ma



    Es un curso destinado al aprendizaje de textos

  • Religious Humanism

    Religious Humanism

    Religion is not the cause of most of the problems in the world. Religion can have a place even if there is no God. This very brief course is for religious and the non- religious interested in looking at religion in the world and what role it can play in the 21st century. The assessments will all be in the form of surveys. -YEAH.

  • Introduction to Prezi Presentations

    Introduction to Prezi Presentations

    A blended learning resource to go with the new WEA Cymru Workplace course

  • Generare de curriculum emergent

    Generare de curriculum emergent

    În ultimul timp s-au remarcat din ce în ce mai multe voci ale specialiştilor privind premisele performanţelor în domeniul învăţării academice şi pe tot parcursul vieţii. Acest fapt ne duce cu gândul implicit la nevoia permanentă de adaptare la societatea bazată pe cunoaştere, la modernizarea şi actualizarea cunoştinţelor, competenţelor dar şi la implicarea în programe de formare academică avansate (formale, informale, nonformale). În acest context, doctoranzii și postdoctoranzii trebuie să cunoască modalitatea de dezvoltare de curriculum emergent. Cursul se adresează acestui grup țintă.

  • Avoimen datan hyödyntäjä, johdanto

    Avoimen datan hyödyntäjä, johdanto

    Avoimen datan hyödyntämisen perusteet sovelluskehittäjille, tutkijoille ja datajournalisteille.

  • Minneapolis Fix-it Tech Clinics

    Minneapolis Fix-it Tech Clinics

    Each month we host a fix-it clinic for technology: computers, laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc. This provides an opportunity for students to gain experience while helping their community with their technology needs.

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