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What Open Source software can help the language learning process?

Do you know of any effective open source solutions which help people learn or practice foreign languages? Please share it!

Online volunteer translation of full sentences- you can submit a sentence and others will translate it into their languages.

-useful for learners to put vocabulary in context.

-great for intermediate/ advanced speakers to practise vocabulary and stay sharp by translating back to their native tongue.

-rewarding for native speakers in that you're providing a service to real people who might also be able to help you out.

-accurate in that translations are done by humans rather than computers, and checked by others.



Open Source flashcard program for computers or mobile devices. Different from normal flashcard use in that it uses spaced repitition to consolidate new vocabulary in your memory.

If you encounter a difficult word that you feel you might struggle to remember, mark it as difficult and it will reappear with greater frequency over the coming days/weeks until you have mastered and remembered the word.

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