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Speech Introductions


As we learnt in the Icebreaker task introductions are extremely important, it is your opportunity to stimulate interest in your audience and get them listening. If you don't have a great introduction you stand very little chance of getting them to listen later on. There are a variety of techniques you can use in your introductions to get audiences listening. In this task you are going to learn about them and then demonstrate what you have learnt. 


Reading (attention getters)




You are going to write and deliver three speech introductions. The first should be a cause you care passionately about perhaps its starving children in sub-Saharan Africa or organ donation. The second speech should be about a hero of yours, it could be a famous person or someone who has effected your life personally. The third speech should be about a personal interest maybe you play the flute or love dancing anything at all that you are interested in.  you should use what you have learnt to write introductions that grab your audiences attention. 


Once you have written the introduction you should practice delivering them once you are happy record the speeches and post them on you blog (and youtube if you want to) along with the script.  and then share your speeches with us all here. 

Task Discussion