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    posted message: Welcome to all of you who have joined this group. Now, we need you to participate! To do this, go to each task, read the information there, and post comments as instructed. If you have any questions or need assistance, just let me know. Thanks.
    posted message: I teach a 12th grade English elective called "Global Perspectives in Contemporary Literature." Students will do independent final projects. The questions they have been asked to consider are the following: Where do we find our humanity? How do we relate to world economies and poverty? What does literature have to teach us? (Consider addressing the global achievement race, pressures on youth, global identity, and how to find your place in the world)
    posted message: Welcome. This challenge "officially" starts tomorrow, March 5. I'm hoping a few more folks will be joining us through the week. In the meantime, a good place to get started is to go to our first task and introduce yourself!

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