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Detox - Notice

Investigate, analyze, and draw conclusions about whatever is going on around you.

Make a video-, audio-, or written jounral entry in the detox section of your profile page on Youth Voices, beginning with your answer to the question:

What have you been noticing lately? 

There are no rules. All we ask for is a well-intentioned effort and for this to become something you do on a regular, perhaps daily basis. After you finish your detox, you might be interested in the examples here from Monika Hardy's Innovation Lab in Loveland, Colorado and here on Youth Voices.

Once you have posted a Detox Discussion on Youth Voices, come back to this Task and Post a Comment.  In the comment box, create a link back to that Discussion post on Youth Voices.

Finally, click   Yes, I'm done   for this Task.

Funny – noticing has to be the most basic skill that all of us possess. It is probably the most taken for granted, the most outsourced, and the most potent of all skills. Noticings determine action. Learning how to notice is key to making making the world a better place.
One of the best gifts we can share with each other, is how to notice.
Listen … with whatever means you have.. to what’s going on around you.
Notice the world you live in, the country, the state, the city, the district, the school, the class, notice yourself.
Notice what others are noticing.
What if we set out each day planning to notice more, than we critique/defend/bemoan/worry?
Let’s just see… no?

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