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Profile Bio

Create a 3-part Profile Bio on Youth Voices by following the instructions and studying the examples you'll find by clicking these three links or images. 

After adding a short bio, an icon, and a list of 20 questions (with keywords) to your Bio page on Youth Voices, come back to this Task and Post a Comment.  In the comment box, create a link back to your Profile page. It will look something like this:

Finally, click   Yes, I'm done   for this Task.

Image for issue at Youth Voices

Think about how you
would like to introduce
yourself to the Youth
Voices community of
students and teachers.
Your bio will be one
click away from each
of your discussion
posts and comments
on Youth Voices.

Antonio Wingfield's Icon

Represent yourself
online by making an
avatar/icon. There are
many services, 
discussion sites, and
social networks where
you can upload your
avatar. You can then
make different avatars
/icons for different
places online. An avatar
is a representation of the
essence of you.

Image for  at Youth Voices

We mean it! We really
do want you to find your
own area of inquiry, your
own niche of expertise,
exploration, and excitement.
What are you already good
at? What do you dream
about, wonder over, and
want to inquire into? What
are you passionate about?
That's what good research
is really about. Starting with
10 self and 10 world
questions is a great way
to begin!