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Research - Notice and Investigate

Analyze the reading you've done so far and begin to draw conclusions.

Before you do this task, make sure that you've completed your annotations and your Dialectical Notes for your research. If you're up to date, then take a moment with this task to step back and ask for helpful comments from other students on Youth Voices by creating a Discussion post about your research so far.

Reclaim your topic by posting a Discussion with transcriptions and citations from your relevant and reliable sources.

Ask yourself:

  1. What are the most important things I’ve come to understand?
  2. How can I use the information I’ve gathered to make those things clear to someone else?

Begin by writing about your research in a Google Document. Share it with your teacher and a few peers, and ask them to insert comments. Revise, proofread, and make sure you have cited your sources correctly, then post your writing as a discussion on Youth Voices.

Choose one of these two missions to complete this task:

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This mission is designed to help you write
another discussion post about your inquiry
topic. This might be your fourth or fifth
post on your question, and this won’t be
the last time you write about your question.
However, if you’ve been keeping up with your
annotations and your dialectical notes (see
Guides) as you do your research, then it’s quite
likely that the post you write for this mission
will elicit helpful comments from other students
on Youth Voices.

Five crescents - Wikipedia

Write a thoroughly researched post based
on your inquiry question. Your post must
have FIVE reliable sources and provide a
"Works Cited" listing all of them. Your
discussion post should draw on relevant
information from five reliable sources.
Sources should be cited in the proper MLA
or APA format at the bottom of the post. Use
 the Five Reliable Sources guide.

Copy the link for your Discussion Post into a comment under this task (on P2PU), then click  Yes I'm done .

Task Discussion

  • Monisha Nelson said:


    How Does Advertisment for cosmetics affect buyers?

     How Does Advertisment for cosmetics affect People? You can see advertisement in different places. Billboards, magazines, tv shows/ commercials Etc. I did a research project a few months ago on the pros and cons of cosmetics, and i learned that both men and women Buy things that they use on a daily or even things they feel they need just for the moment mainly because of the advertisements. But this month i've read some articles and watched some videos and they also helped me figure out how the advertisements effect the buyer and how convincing they are as well.   

    Advertisement can affect people in many different ways, both good and bad. Some advertisements can help people find the things they may need or want. Or just not even looking the advertisement may convince them to get something that looks interesting to them. One thing that I’ve learned is that one human being gets targeted with thousands of advertisements a day and the average person buys whatever there being advertised to buy not knowing this can be harmful to their spending habits, and the health of their bodies.

    People think when watching these advertisements they will look exactly how the models look. or think they wanna be just as perfect as they are. When in reality NO ONE is perfect. All though models are mostly photoshopped or have fashion stylist to dress them, do their makeup  and hair so when they're used in these advertisements it would make sense to the buyers and their money will be spent. That's called getting the buyers attention. In my first source “How does cosmetics advertising works?” It really shows hows they use this to their advantage. “Many people are acutely aware that their personal appearance can have a significant effect on
    how they are regarded and treated by others. Cosmetics advertising can play on these concerns
    by encouraging its target market to be concerned about signs of aging or making themselves more attractive to the opposite sex.”  Advertisements are very good at making the cosmetic product sound useful rather than saying is pros and cons. “Some cosmetics companies formulate their products in a way that can actually enhance the effectiveness of cosmetics advertising. One well-known technique is called angel dusting. Unscrupulous cosmetics manufacturers will add a tiny amount of a well-known, and perhaps even effective, cosmetic ingredient to a product so that the ingredient name can be used in advertising campaigns.” Making certain cosmetics seem as if they are not only use to just make you look pretty, its “healthy” is another way of catching the buyers eye. “The term cosmeceutical has been used to describe products that can have both medical and cosmetic benefits.”

    My second source, “ Do cosmetics ads mislead the public?” was one of my favorites because it showed that not only does misleading advertisements affect the buyers it affect the consumers just as much.”many cosmetics companies have been charged, at one point or another, with "misleading consumers".” No one wants to lose money thats not very good for business and ratings. if the buyers notice that things are not selling or people are being sued because of an mislead advertisement then nothing will get brought. A great example is the johnson johnson brand. “ after a recent ad was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for creating a misleading impression of its Clean & Clear products powers. “It was discovered that the immaculate "after" shots of the once acne- riddled teenagers had come into contact with an airbrush”. Most advertisements are really expecting people to know better also. But when your commercials are telling us “if you drink this sugarless water for a week straight u lose 5 pounds,” Thats what were expecting. "The cosmetics industry is selling hope and positivity to women, and consumers are savvy enough to know if you use the product, you're not going to suddenly turn into Cheryl Cole."I think this is just there excuse out of getting sued. Another source that i read was actually a teenage girl name Sierra Goldstein. She has a high vision on how you can make an  “Farmacy Cosmetic.” Just like how you have a pharmacist in your local drug store, she feels you should have people assist you with the right cosmetics that are not only to make you look beautiful you feel beautiful too Literally. “If we are putting foods into our bodies that are healing the inside, why not put them on our skin to heal the outside?” I think this is so true, and I also feel people should have the right to know what exactly they're putting on their skin and into their bodies. She also feels why can't we eat the cosmetics we use. Not literally eat, not literally anyway. “If we are putting foods into our bodies that are healing the inside, why not put them on our skin to heal the outside?” Doesn't make you feel more comfortable to know your cosmetics were made from the healthy food products you eat to make the inside of your body healthy, so now you're also making the outside just as healthy? I just feel like Sierra’s thoughts can really help both the advertisements and the buyers. If they would actually advertise what they were selling people would have no problem buying it especially knowing how healthy it was.

    I learned so much from each source. I've also came up with my own theory that advertisements are just opinions or an opinion on what the seller portrays it to be.    

    on Jan. 4, 2013, 1:24 p.m.