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Research - Notice and Investigate

Analyze the reading you've done so far and begin to draw conclusions.

Before you do this task, make sure that you've completed your annotations and your Dialectical Notes for your research. If you're up to date, then take a moment with this task to step back and ask for helpful comments from other students on Youth Voices by creating a Discussion post about your research so far.

Reclaim your topic by posting a Discussion with transcriptions and citations from your relevant and reliable sources.

Ask yourself:

  1. What are the most important things I’ve come to understand?
  2. How can I use the information I’ve gathered to make those things clear to someone else?

Begin by writing about your research in a Google Document. Share it with your teacher and a few peers, and ask them to insert comments. Revise, proofread, and make sure you have cited your sources correctly, then post your writing as a discussion on Youth Voices.

Choose one of these two missions to complete this task:

Image for issue at Youth Voices

This mission is designed to help you write
another discussion post about your inquiry
topic. This might be your fourth or fifth
post on your question, and this won’t be
the last time you write about your question.
However, if you’ve been keeping up with your
annotations and your dialectical notes (see
Guides) as you do your research, then it’s quite
likely that the post you write for this mission
will elicit helpful comments from other students
on Youth Voices.

Five crescents - Wikipedia

Write a thoroughly researched post based
on your inquiry question. Your post must
have FIVE reliable sources and provide a
"Works Cited" listing all of them. Your
discussion post should draw on relevant
information from five reliable sources.
Sources should be cited in the proper MLA
or APA format at the bottom of the post. Use
 the Five Reliable Sources guide.

Copy the link for your Discussion Post into a comment under this task (on P2PU), then click  Yes I'm done .

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