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Blog About Your Hosting Setup

Explain why you chose a hosting company and create a step by step guide explaining how you configured your DNS to point at your hosting account

The technical parts of this challenge are now complete. All that is left for you to do now is to write a blog post called "Hosting & DNS". Spend about 20 minutes on this task.

In this blog post you need to write about two things :
  1. The name of your hosting company and why you've chosen them. Was it because of price, support, their nice shiny website or peer recommendation? 
  2. A step by step guide as to how you configured your DNS to point at your hosting account. Bonus points are available for nice screenshots and creative presentation.
Your blog post will provide your peers with two useful things. Firstly, It will provide information that will help them choose web hosting. Secondly it will also provide valuable detail on how to set up their domain to point at their hosting accounts. Bare this in mind when you're writing it.
When you've completed your blog post, let the community know about it by posting it onto the challenge discussion page. 

Task Discussion