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From Your Computer To Your Webspace

Install an FTP client

In this task you're going to install an FTP client. It should take you about five minutes.

Before you can put your first page live on the web you're going to need some means of transferring it from your computer to your webspace. There are many methods of doing this but by far the most popular solution is to use either FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or preferably SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) if your web host supports it. Either way you'll use a FTP client to transfer files back and forth.
There are many pieces of FTP software and just like text editors some are free and some are paid for.  If you're using Windows or a Mac then two popular (and free) choices are Filezilla and Cyberduck. It's up to you which one you choose, it will largely be a matter of personal taste.
When you've downloaded and installed one of the above FTP clients you're ready to set it up to connect to your webspace. The exact settings you'll need will depend on the web host that you're using but it's common to enter a server address (probably or a username and a password. If all goes according to plan then you should be able to connect to your web space and see all of the files or folders in your web space.
The files and folders that you see will depend on your web host but you should see a folder called webroot or public_html. Anything you place in these folders will be available to the world. This is exactly what you're going to do in the next challenge. Whatever the folder is called we're going to refer it  as your root folder.

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