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Let's Do This

Transfer the html file that you created in challenge 3 and upload it to your website

In this task you're going to transfer the html file that you created in challenge 3 and upload it to your website. You've already done all of the work required to complete this task - It's is really about the ceremony.

Using your FTP client you should connect to your webspace and transfer 'helloworld.html' to your root folder. When it has done transferring to your web space open up your browser and in the address bar type:
If all has went according to plan you now have a file that you've coded by hand, on a domain that belongs to you, using your webspace and you've just completed the first set of webmaking 101 challenges.
If you can view your file in your browser then proceed to the final task.
If you can't view your freshly uploaded file in your browser then go through each of the stages making sure that everything is as it should be. Learning how to troubleshoot is one of the skills your going to need as a webmaker. If you can't solve the problem try stepping away from the computer for a few minutes and get some fresh air.
If you're still not able to see your file then consult your peers about their advice, but before you do make sure that you've done everything you can to learn how to fix the problem yourself.

Task Discussion