posted message: Audrey Watters: What Every Techie Should Know About Education.
posted message: My thoughts on how this course went, and why: I'd be grateful for your feedback (either here, or as comments on that blog post). Thank you all for taking part --- I hope we'll have a chance to work together again some time.
posted message: Reminder: our final online meeting is today (March 15) at 10:00 Eastern time on IRC.
posted message: Hi everyone, It looks like 10:00 am Eastern time on Thursday March 15 works best for our final online meeting. I'll look for you all on IRC then. Cheers, Greg
posted message: Catherynne Valente's article has me thinking about the motivating examples we choose when we teach programming:
posted message: Reminder: please fill in the Doodle at so that we can arrange our final online meeting for this course. It will include a post-mortem discussion of what went right, what went wrong, and how we could do better next time.
posted message: I have created a Doodle so that we can find a time for our fourth and final online meetup. Please go to and let us know when you're available.
posted message: Nice (thoughtful) exploration of the results of the Auburn, Maine study using iPads to teach:
posted message: Via Leigh Ann Sudol, a paper on motivation and learning: "The Four Phase Model of Interest Development" Thanks! Greg
posted message: Hi everyone, It looks like 10-11 am Eastern time on Wednesday, February 22, is the best time for our next online chat --- let's meet in IRC as before. Look forward to seeing you all there, Greg
posted message: Would Stack Underflow work?
posted message: Let's meet online next week to discuss our third task --- I've created a Doodle poll at, so please let us know when you're available. Thanks, Greg
posted message: Many thanks to the people who took part in yesterday's online meeting. There was a lot of good discussion, and plenty of new ideas to chew on. I think the most important was how lucky we are: we can assume our learners are highly motivated and actually want to do the work, which isn't true of battery-farmed learners in traditional top-down classrooms. That may mean our models only work for a minority of people, but there are lots of people in that minority we can help. Based on those discussions, I've written up Task #3: people can work on personalized projects to bring to the group in a couple of weeks, or double back and look at what the "big ideas" are that they're trying to convey. We'll aim to have it done in a couple of weeks.