posted message: Just contacted Blaine Cook to see if he would help us out with refining our Webfinger task.
posted message: If your interested in the future of he School of Webcraft feel free to join the discussion list. Best, Paul
posted message: Google I/O 2010 - The open & social web
posted message: Shall we also befriend XAuth?
posted message: Something else to have a look into ..
posted message: A great introductory video on all the social networking protocols that are needed to implement federation.
posted message: An email to Blaine Cook [ Twitter @blaine ] .. Hi Blaine, Thanks again for any help / support that you can give our study group in learning all about Webfinger. Do you have any thoughts how we should structure our learning? I was thinking broadly that for each protocol in the OStatus stack we could work with the support of a leading expert(s) and do something along the following lines .. 0. Initial meet up on an etherpad, .. to to get started & document what we will do 1. Watch this & this 2. Read this & that 3. Try and do this 4. Meet up again on an etherpad, .. to discuss & document what we have learned 5. Rinse and repeat Please come and join our P2PU working group Best, Paul
posted message: Shall we begin by looking at a particular protocol, learning how to work together to become more and more familiar with the (current) specification by building simple things and using / exploring tools and services that are already available. Perhaps we could look at Webfinger first? Thought: It would be great as an outcome of all of us looking at say Webfinger to produce some simple tasks that could be used as basis for Hackasaurus tools to get school kids of senior age hacking the federated social web.