posted message: I have updated the Announcements page, please check it out!
posted message: Week One is underway in our course! Please be sure to visit our Google Group discussion boards to introduce yourself and comment on this week's content if you haven't already! Also, note that I have been posting on the "ANNOUNCEMENTS" task page above with additional info on course happenings. Looking forward to meeting the rest of you in the discussion, we already have some great conversation going!
posted message: Hello Everyone! Welcome. Everyone who signed up for the course should now be enrolled. Since the course did not fill, sign up will remain open for a few days longer. The course is set to officially get underway on October 3rd, and I am still making some edits here and there and better organizing the Google group, so bear with me a bit. In the meantime, feel free to explore the course and the site and expect a more complete welcome from me in the coming days. Looking forward to learning with all of you!
posted message: Sign-up for this course will be open until Sept. 19. If you sign-up to participate, make sure to answer all the sign-up questions. If you have already signed up, you can update your answers up until Sept. 19. Thanks! ~Valerie