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posted message: Hello I/O Fans, Please let me know how you are finding the course thus far and if you have any questions. Currently, I am developing some video materials to go with the main Saylor course at Saylor.Org. Should be ready in mid November! Here is a little I/O trivia question. What do Aristotle and Anita Hill have in common? Dr D
posted message: One day before blast off into I/O Psych! Dana
posted message: Two days before the big kick off the I/O Course!
posted message: The course will begin on Friday everyone! Looking forward to working with you over the next 6 weeks! Dr D
posted message: HI Everyone, I am Dr. Dana, the facilitator of this very exciting study group on Industrial and Organizational Psychology. This wonderful, free opportunity to learn more about I/O Psychology was brought to you by The Saylor Organization ( After signing up for the course, please post an introduction. I look forward to exploring I/O Psych with you as I have a PHD in Organizational Behavior and have worked with hundreds of executive coaching clients, as well as organizations all over the world in an effort help team build, facilitate, implement strategic planning and much more. I love what I do and can't wait to hear your thoughts about I/O! WELCOME!