posted message: Hey everyone. It' 17th August and the course has now come to a close. Many thanks to all those that took part. Great to see the interest we've had. We've already started work on the next version. So if you want to feedback your experiences and desires from this course then please do and we'll incorporate it. Hope you've all enjoyed the course as much as we have enjoyed putting it together and we look forward to seeing you on future courses. Cheers Colin
posted message: Hey everyone. Time to complete the final task of the course task 'Balanced lifestyle, balanced energy flow'. I've made a few edits to make the task easier to understand and complete. All you really need to do is enter the hours for work, rest and play to get the total energy difference within 1 and -1 and then share as a comment. See whether you get the same answers as everyone else.
posted message: Ok, so as promised I've added the next activity 'Up and at them!!!' so go check it out. This week it's about adding a little activity where you can. Just a simple task to get you thinking about getting up and about. See what you think. I'm looking forward to your comments.
posted message: Hey guys, I said in the course description that the pace of this course is light. This week there'll be no task. I have an idea that I think you'll all like but I want to test it out first and post it next week. Just FYI there are two tasks left. Next weeks task and the final task listed before references in the list below.
posted message: Hey everyone. I've added a task for this week. it's called Cereal or fruit pie? and it complements the task 'the effect of daily habits'. It shouldn't take long to complete. Just an hour or two. Post your results as a comment on the task by friday. I'm looking forward to see what you all come up with. I'll be posting my results too. The point of the task is to get you thinking about simple practical things you can do to have more fun with food but also balance your nutrition at the same time. Enjoy!