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Urdu, French, and English Now Covered

Great News!

UPDATE: Thanks to Muhammad Shahbaz we will also be offering Urdu as a language course once all is worked out as far as implementation. Thanks Muhammad!

If you are interested in teaching your native tongue or learning a new language, please, please let us know. If you have ideas of how to implement this course into action, or suggesstions, we would like to hear from you. Additionally, I have contacted Sal, the man who runs the Khan Academy. I have explained the situation to him and am currently awaiting his reply.

Today I had the opportunity to exchange private messages with P2PU colleague Sebastien Vigneau. Sebastien is a college student and is willing to teach his native tongue, French, right here on P2PU. Thus far, we have French and English covered in our 'Breaking Language Barriers' Study Group.

We would like to see more P2PU students who have the desire to teach their native tongue to those who would like to learn a new language. If you would like to teach your native tongue, please send me a private message.

Things to Remember:

If you decide to teach your native tongue, any materials you gather or provide for the student must be 100% free and or open source.

We still need to find the best, practical method to implement the classes. The sooner we discover the best method, or at least a viable option, we can start "Breaking Langauge Barriers.'

Thanks to Sebastien for stepping up for the cause.



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