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Video Methods for Class

Since I started the 'Breaking Language Barriers' Study Group I have looked at several methods that could possibly be implemented with P2PU so instruction classes could begin. Of course I only look at 100% free services and or completely open source programs that would allow the instructor to speak directly to his or her participants over the internet, much like Skype does. However, I'm a stranger to Skype so I'm not sure if that would be the proper way for instructing participants.

WIth that said, I think there has to be a way to do this visually in a person to person format, much like a video service such as UStream. If you know of an open source (100% FREE) that could accomadate the instructors and participants, please let me know as soon as possible. I'm aware that there is also Instant Messaging in which some have video, but all my experience with instant messaging has been pretty negative as far as video is concerned. There is also a system in place called PalTalk, but they charge out the wazoo. Too bad they can't donate some space. There is also the MITOpenCourseWare that I am looking over.

Perhaps this will be a job for Youtube. Instructor loads his language class on Youtube, participants watch the video tutorial, and if the participant has questions, they could log into P2PU and ask their instructor their questions through the P2PU contact system like you do with other courses. I have done this at least once already in the Semantic Web course I'm currently taking here on P2PU and it went really smooth with the instructor replying promptly. 

So until we can find a better method, or unless someone else has a better or brighter idea, the Youtube video method may be the direction we need to use for the time being. Unless of course, Mozilla surprises us with a brand new awesome tool; Peer 2 Peer Live Video Program.;-)

Remember, if you have a better idea or a FREE source, you are free to participant in this topic.


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