posted message: Hi all, I would like to know if there is a “roadmap” for the next months. I guess the primary goal for now is to figure out how language teaching can fit into p2pu, which encompasses at least the following questions: 1) Should all languages adopt a similar method/approach, or would this be determined on a language by language basis? 2) What are the resources available that match p2pu criteria (i.e. creative common licensing or equivalent)? 3) What are the external tools available that could help for the teaching and also match the p2pu criteria (free and, preferably, open-source)? I suggest we create a task for each aspect and start to elaborate on them. What do you think? Do you think there are other points to discuss for now?
posted message: Hi all! I am a post-doc doing research in biology in Philadelphia (PA, USA). I am originally from Toulouse (France), but also lived in Paris (France) for five years. I have a wide range of interests and would like to keep learning in a variety of topics, including art. I acknowledge that art is a determinant part of human lives and that understanding art involves understanding the context in which it was produced - historical, personal, technical, etc. - hence my interest in this class.