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Open up a Jsfiddle

Open a new window in your browser for working in

For this challange we will be using the site

You can write you first HTML-Code there and see results immediately, without installing any programs or other preperation.

  1. Open up the in a second browser window right now.
  2. The Area in the upper left quater of the screen is the HTML-Input-Window. Write "Hello World" into the HTML-Input-Window.
  3. The Area in the lower right quater of the screen is the Result-Window. When you press "play" you can see the results of your code here.
  4. Press the "Save" Button to save your work
  5. After saving, your work has it's own unique Address where you can find it again. Look at the address-bar of your browser - it will start with followed by some nonsense-letters. Write it down or save it as a bookmark!

There is one more small thing you need to do: find the option "Normalized CSS" in the left hand sidebar and uncheck it. Save again.

This is what your fiddle should look like now:

Screenshot of a jsfiddle

Congratulations: you now have a place on the web to try out HTML. Just remember he address!

Task Discussion