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    posted message: Hi Everyone. As we wrap up this seminar, I extended the final course date to July 4th. Feel free to add comments to any past or present discussions. To comment on this week's topic of "Sustainable Education Systems", visit: https://p2pu.org/en/groups/global-dialog-international-comparative-perspectives-on-education/content/creating-sustainable-education-systems-june-25-july-1-2012 Have a great summer! -Anna
    posted message: Hi Everyone. 4 people have requested a Skype call on Sunday. So, if you'd like to join us to discuss any of the topics from weeks 1-3, please email me your Skype name in advance. The call will be Sunday, June 24th, 8:30am Eastern Standard/4:30pm Dubai/11:30pm Sydney. In the mean time, feel free to start discussing Task #6: Educating the Whole Person! Sincerely, Anna (anna at boneducation dot com, Skype: annabatchelder).
    posted message: Hi Everyone. If you have a chance today or tomorrow, feel free to join in the discussion on Cross-country Education Borrowing and Lending on P2PU! Have a great weekend! - Anna https://p2pu.org/en/groups/global-dialog-international-comparative-perspectives-on-education/content/cross-country-education-borrowing-and-lending-june-11-17-2012/
    posted message: Hi Everyone! Welcome to week 2 of our seminar. Topic: Cross-country education borrowing and lending. I kicked off the discussion to Task #5 here: http://ow.ly/bxT34 Feel free to join in (even if you missed/skipped Task #3). We won't have a call on Skype this week, but I would like to schedule a call at least once during the month for those that want to talk "live". If you would like to join a call, please share when you are available to do so here: http://ow.ly/bxT9l Have a great week. See you online! Anna
    posted message: Hi Everyone. Since only 3 people RSVPed for today's call, the 3 of us decided to postpone it so more can join. I put together a brief survey so that you can share your thoughts on 1) if/when synchronous calls should occur and 2) how we can make this course a more interactive and fulfilling experience for all. If you have a chance in the next couple of days to share your thoughts (on task #4), that would be fantastic! http://ow.ly/btOpf We have some interesting conversations happening in "Global definitions of learning and education" (task #4). Feel free to participate and share your thoughts: http://ow.ly/btOnw Anna :-)
    posted message: Hi Everyone. 1) If you are having trouble viewing the subtitles for Munir Fasheh's short video this week, scroll over the bottom of the video, click CC and then select "English". 2) Even if you don't have a chance to watch/read everything, feel free to jump into this week's discussion, as you can share your thoughts independent of the videos/readings. 3) If you intend to join the Sunday call, please RSVP on the survey on task 3 or send me an email (anna @ boneducation.com) by end of Saturday so that I can invite you to the group call. Thanks! Have a great weekend! From sunny Dubai, Anna
    posted message: Hi Everyone. I received some notes that the RSVP form for Sunday's call was not working. It should be fixed now. So, feel free to RSVP. You can find the videos/discussion questions for this week and the RSVP form here: https://p2pu.org/en/groups/global-dialog-international-comparative-perspectives-on-education/content/global-definitions-of-learning-and-education-june-4-10-2012/ Feel free to start responding to this week's discussion questions for "Global definitions of learning and education". I started us off and look forward to interacting with you all online. Thanks for sharing your introductions and replies on Task #2. It is exciting to see so much interaction taking place this early on. Happy Thursday! Anna
    posted message: Dear Global Dialog Participants. Great to see so much activity on the Introductions and Seminar culture page! As you start to watch this week's videos and respond to the online discussion questions for Task #3 (Global definitions of learning and education), I would be grateful if you could RSVP for Sunday's Skype call by Saturday (see bottom of Task #3 for RSVP form) so that I have everyone's Skype names in advance of the call. Thanks! Anna (Skype: annabatchelder).
    posted message: IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Welcome to the day before day 1 of our seminar! Over the coming week, I welcome you to complete Task #2 (course introductions) and Task #3 (global definitions of learning and education). Also make sure to RSVP for our Sunday call if you plan to attend it next weekend. You can do so under Task #3. Looking forward to meeting you all! Sincerely, Anna (Course Facilitator, Founder, Bon Education, UAE)