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Full Description

Please fill out the study group's full description. In this page you could:

  • Describe the purpose of the study group and the learning goals for the tasks within.
  • Describe your role in this study group. What made you interested in this topic? What do you hope to achieve by organizing the group? Are you an expert, enthusiastic or a novice?
  • Include any prerequisite knowledge or skills needed to participate in the study group, the intended start date, estimated pace, commitment, amount of work, and the length of time the study group can expect to work together (a few days, a few weeks, or forever).
  • Provided any other information that could be useful for people interested in joining the study group. In what ways can participants expect to contribute to the creation of tasks and assessing each others' contributions? What will the final task comprise?

This study group is not a part of the School of Webcraft. It is an entry point to the wider Linux world, aimed at helping people who are first starting out. From here we'll hopefully be delving more deeply into specific areas that will be a part of the School of Webcraft.

Learning Linux can be a really, really steep learning curve, but a rewarding one. The inspiration for forming this group was to act as a bridge between the very first stages to the point where you are better able to follow the rest of the help on the internet.

There is no prior knowledge required. You do need to practice, so having a computer with a distribution of Linux installed is essential. There are two methods you could use to avoid running a Linux distribution as your main OS (operating system) called virtualisation and dual booting; we will be assuming that you are running Linux on your computer.

This group really is about documenting the early experiences of learning Linux, so you can help by asking questions and treating this space as an outwards facing learning journal. Every question is an important one, and we're hoping to work together to document them here.

Task Discussion