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Welcome again! Course outline! [Jan. 4, 2013, 9:36 p.m.]


Hello all who took my Music Theory 101 course, if you did not take that class I recommend you do take it even if you already know all of those things for a quick refresher and a possibility of learning something you did not know about those subjects! It would also be good to see how some of the classmates responded.


This semester we will be learning the following:


·         Ledger Lines

·         Intervals & (tonal degree names)

·         Minor scale

·         Minor chords

·         7th chords (minor, major, dominant)

·         Diminished – Term & Chord(s)

·         Augmented – Term & Chord

·         Minor key signature and their connections to major key signatures

·         Double sharps & flats

·         Inversions of chords

For a free music notation software that can help you and that we could use together for worksheets and more check out