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Setting dev

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E1- What is the main setting of your novel? Write about the details of when and where your novel takes place.

E2 - Sketch an important setting for your novel.

E3 - Write a story that happened in your setting but that isn’t a part of your novel. (This is for background and won’t appear in your novel.)

E4 - Make a map of one or more of the setting in your novel.

E5 - Collect maps and tourism pamphlets on your setting (if it takes place in a real place).

E6 - Make a list of all the important locations in your novel.

Task Discussion

  • Brad Emerson   Oct. 5, 2011, 10:40 p.m.

    E2 - Sketch an important setting for your novel.

    I found this suprisingly helpful. I realized that there are details in my story that fill in quite easily when I have something to look at.