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Learn poker and strategic thinking

Get familiar with familiar with the importance of the following concepts in poker:

1. Position

2. Aggression

3. Chips

4. Multi-level thinking

5. Tells and reads

6. Bankroll management


In his article "Poker is good for you" David Sklansky lays out why playing poker or learning to become a winning poker player is good for anyone. In essence, Sklansky lays out why poker is valuable for learning how to think strategically. 

The tutorial: Next to understanding the fundamentals of the game, a poker player needs to have more characteristics to make a living out of poker. Think about the right combination between risk taking and bankroll management for example. Discuss the concepts and relate them to real life situations. Is it possible to make a list of characteristics and skills a poker player needs to obtain to be a winning poker player?

In the second part of the tutorial, we will discuss the problems for Week 4.

Assignment: Write an essay of a minumum of 500 on one or more ideas pointed out by Sklansky ralating it to real life situations. Make sure you make use of at lest 3 of the 6 concepts we discussed during the tutorial.

Suggested Reading:

Sklansy, David (2009): Poker is Good for You:

Hilger, Matthew (2008) Winning Strategies from an Internet PRO:

Bankroll managment, standard work but in dutch:


Suggested videos:

Mike Caro's 10 ultimate tells:

Task Discussion