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Poker and game theory


Game theory deals with decision-making processes in situations where two or more people have competing interests. This is exactly what is happening at a poker table, so any head-up match or ring game can be approached using a game theoretical perspective.   

The tutorial: For the tutorial everyone reads as much primary articles on game theory as possible, many of these are publically available. In the tutorial, we will talk about the academic discipline of gametheory. How does this apply to poker, and which of these lessons can we take into other disciplines? 

In the second part of the tutorial, we will discuss the problems for Week 5. 

Assignment: Pair up and play 500 hands with your partner. Think about an exploitive strategy to beat your opponent. Describe this strategy, and how you came to this strategy in a minumum of 500 words essay.


Suggested readings:

Intro to game theory in poker

Finding an optimal strategy:

Task Discussion