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Return a value...

Expressions are a fundamental component of programming. Expressions are evaluated by the Python interpreter, and a result is displayed (or returned). For example, we are entering expressions when using Python to perform simple calculations:

>>> 3 + 2

The return value of a statement, in this case 5, is temporarily stored in computer memory. However, Python will delete the value from memory when it is no longer used.

We will look at a way to store return values for a longer time a little later on.

Further Reading


  1. Post several expressions to the discussion area.
  2. Describe the components of your expressions (operators, ect.)

Task Discussion

  • Fer said:

    >>>>3+5 where 3 and 5 are atoms, + is the operator.

    eval(Dt), where Dt is an identifier bounded to an objetc

    'Bersch' is a literal

    on Nov. 14, 2013, 3:15 a.m.