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Task Template

This is a template file for new tasks.

Learning Objectives

A bulleted list of specific learning objectives that lead to observable results. I.e. participants need to accomplish a publicly observable challenge in order to demonstrate that they have met the learning objective. There is a good, online tool to assist with the creation of explicit learning objectives:

Task Content

This section is to contain concise and engaging (conversational, light, funny, emotional, with graphics where possible) learnning materials. The materials should be sufficient to serve as a basis for students to successfully complete the course learning objectives. The materials should also be limited in scope so that other tasks may be created covering additional topics.


A bulleted list of relevant reference materials, including tutorials, eBook chapters, and wiki pages.


A list of tasks that participants can complete to demonstrate their competency in the outlined materials. As much as possible, encourage participants to use Peer to Peer University tools such as the task page discussion or the following:

Task Discussion