posted message: Added a link to the Google App Engine tutorial - this is invaluable to the CS253 student. It's been revised recently and really supports the areas that Huffman (253 instructor) skips over. Go here first and you will be rewarded in the Udacity course
posted message: Hi Everyone, I just thought I would share this for benefit of folks enrolled in the CS253 Web Apps course at Udacity. I enrolled and struggled through CS253 in Spring 2012 - I believe it was the first time it was offered on Udacity. It's been revised since - and I'm hoping to take it again this Spring. This group will be / could be a place to share our experiences and get / give help.
posted message: Winter is coming! That's a perfect time to learn to make web apps with Steve Huffman and the Udacity team at CS253. Let me know if you are planning to do the course, or if you have a public place to discuss your experiences.
posted message: Class started yesterday and it's going to be a good one! Jump over, sign up and share your process here. Looking forward to connecting here.
posted message: There's another round of learning to be done at Udacity. Anyone interested in going thru the course?
posted message: Hey there! Please don't struggle with online learning by yourself. Connect with me and others here to share the experience. It might be fun and help you learn. thanks!
posted message: Hi Gang, Thanks for your interest in this study group. My vision is a break-out group from the Udacity discussion forum. They are great, but they seem to be geared toward the advanced students. Beginners and 'Slow and Steady' learners are welcome here. I'm hoping to build some close relationships and really help each other to learn. How? Text discussions are crap. Are we in 1999? Let's share video clips and get in Google Hangouts or other screensharing app. I figure we can ask questions or do 'code walk thrus' together. Let me know what you think. Is this a good idea? How can we help each other?
posted message: Hey Gang - or anyone reading this, which is paradoxically everyone and only you. One and many. Which is really the point of my update. I have been diving into ... hehe Python. And, Diving into Python is one of the books that I'm using as a resource. I'm also using a course here Programming using the Twitter API and a course at Udacity, CS253 Webapp programming with Steve and Sean. Here's my report - and it's got to do with the One / Many paradox of the internet: I feel that I'm alone. I really crave closer connection to my peers. I find myself wanting a tutor or a 'looking over the shoulder friend'. The discussion boards are good. And, too much 'scaffolding' is bad. P2PU is best at it... perhaps I'm whining. But there it is.
posted message: Sweet! Just discovered Hackasaurus. Spoke with the folks at the library about hosting events centered around digital literacy and programing. Things are looking up.
posted message: For what it's worth. I'm going to document my work with the Year of code tutorials here. Is anyone else doing this tutorials?
posted message: Hey Gang! It's a cold and rainy January day here in North Carolina - What better weather to begin a new push to learn some programming. In the past I've had luck with just plain Tuts on the internet. I've subscribed and used regularly And, I've signed for the Codecademy tuts. Each of these are useful... but somehow fall short. I'm not a programmer. It's the social and affective domain that I'm missing. The forum and community of learners is what I'm hungry for. In this vain, I'm following a new course by Greg Wilson here on P2PU - How to teach Webcraft to Free Range. It might inspire me to 'pull the trigger' on that programming meetup group here in eastern NC.
posted message: Had a rough user experience here on tonight. I couldn't figure out where to post comments... to anything. Is the feature disabled? for just me? for just my courses? It would be great - like in standard forum software - if it gave you a status message like, "You can't post here" or "Login to comment" or "Your status is pending moderation". Frustrated and slightly late, Newman