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    posted message: Hello my name is Ahmed Salim, I have been interested in computers for a longtime. I have wonder how do people create an entrant ice and responsive websites. This website helped me accomplish my goal, to make my first website. You can visit it at fordsonboysswimming.weebly.com. I have been working on it for a while but I'm greatfull for this website because it allows me to share what I have made to other people and try to inspire them with what I have done.Thanks a lot p2pu.com for allowing me share this to other people who want to be inspired.
    posted message: I wish to propose a topic of discussion for anyone who wishes to join me. It is about science and religion. Are these two compatible or are they incompatible. some people share the view that it is compatible but science continues to make known aspect of reality that religion had presumed to be the handwork of God. what do you have to say?
    posted message: hello fiends...i am here to share my ideas,thoughts,beliefs,my sucess,my failures,my ideologies,inhibitions...and anything & everything that comes across my mind.I am not a professional writer(no prices for guessing)..& this happens to be my first blog group...but i did like to take this opportunity to give myself a start if not a headstart & may be learn something from you guys each day so as to enhance my skills..as i enter in this lovely world of writing
    posted message: I posted a short response to "Why I Blog" and "Lazy Eyes" at theobtuseautodidact.blogspot.com Feedback would be very welcome.
    posted message: http://vb23cyan.blogspot.com/ Here's the link to my blog, and this is about my daily life. Challenges with my health, finding a new job in this economy and learning how to trust again.
    posted message: My first OPCOM Meeting was just ended. I listened to their reports and all. It was a very long ang tiring day.
    posted message: Hello I am new here and my blog's URL is http://elango2005.wordpress.com
    posted message: Hiee friends this is madhuri.iam new to the blog,am happy to share and discuss specific topics with you people.
    posted message: Hello! My name is Ines. I am a Belgian, who ended up in Hawaii following my husband. I decided to create a blog to write about things that I believe are important in life: traveling, experiencing the world, organic food and cooking, reading and more; basically, things that I would like to share with family and friends, or anyone interested. As this is completely new to me, I am hoping to learn some basics from this class. I would like to add that the 'Why I blog' article by Andrew Sullivan has taught me a lot already. Thanks so much! http://thewifestyleguide.blogspot.com/p/who-am-i.html
    posted message: http://thenewfitnm.blogspot.com/ List of things I care about My daughter My fiancé My health My family Money Career What others think about me List of things I want to learn about Coding Web page development Personal Training Training Writing Entrepreneurship Education Psychology
    posted message: I tried using wordpress a couple of months ago. I write random things in order to broaden my knowledge on writing. Although i' having quite a hard time on balancing my time, i look forward to write about stuff that i know would help anyone. Feel free to visit my blog at http://dialyrandomstuff.wordpress.com/
    posted message: I have completed the first task of creating a blog. It is at http://theblinkinggoblin.blogspot.in and I like to do a dramatic fiction there on the topic of 'Student-teacher relations'. I hope the creative community resource persons at P2PU would inspire me to complete my work
    posted message: I wrote about the desire to learn astronomy. http://www.tumblr.com/blog/bayoudweller My mind stays in the clouds most of the time so I picked astronomy as something I'd like to learn more about.
    posted message: I am writing about Package Forwarding Services Website URL : http://packageforwardingservices.wordpress.com/ My Recent Post : http://packageforwardingservices.wordpress.com/2013/02/19/tips-to-choose-the-best-package-forwarding-company/ I like to write about package forwarding services and I also am a shopaholic. In my spare time I like to record my music.
    posted message: today's generation relies mostly on information architecture...........
    posted message: Expressing my thoughts on information architecture and its relevance to business solutions.
    posted message: Let's express ourselves with a new set of skills about proposal writing software designed to help P2PU users,educators, and mentors in developing proposals,presentations, and responses to RFP's. (request for proposal (RFP) Let's become an imaginary company interested in procurement of a commodity and service, to potential P2PU users to submit business proposals. It can be submitted as a preliminary study or procurement stage. Effective RFPs typically reflect the strategy and short/long-term business objectives, providing detailed insight upon which P2PU organizer will be able to offer a matching perspective.
    posted message: Every human carry a forest ..deep inside himself. The beautiful roses, the green trees drooling and enjoying and the decomposing rotten leaves and waste as well! the insight to discover it is missing to our rational self.....and one fine day...that irrational quest begins with an explosion inside....and everything is clear....the bird chirping and singing and the forest, we see, has turned into a beautiful garden....! And that is when the enlightenment begins!
    posted message: Hii guyz...m a new here....aspiring to be a writer and have taken up some course on this!

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